The Data-driven Prospecting and Customer Growth Platform

Our platform securely and seamlessly onboards all your prospect and customer data and then segments and scores it, so that we know where to focus on the biggest opportunities to generate new revenue. With Tonka One, you can send automated emails, texts, programmatic display, re-marketing, track leads, and measure ROI real-time with our included full marketing automation system. As an RP-1 client, you also get access to a 24/7 call dashboard so you don’t miss any sales calls and our team can track which campaign they are coming from.


Automated Email Marketing

Personalized and automated, you can send relevant emails to your leads with the right message at the right time to convert more sales and improve customer retention.

  • Powerful Analytics
  • Behavior-Based Tracking
  • Email Marketing Workflows
  • Automated Trigger Emails

Sales CRM

Speed up the buyer’s journey and keep track of all your revenue opportunities.

  • Drag and Drop Pipeline
  • Shared Reminders and Tasks
  • Real-Time Automated Lead Scoring
  • Actionable Reports

Lead Management

Intelligent data tracking for all your leads that determine the links they’ve clicked, emails they’ve opened, pages they’ve visited, and media they’ve downloaded from you.

  • Automated text and email alerts for new leads
  • Custom Workflows for your different buyer types
  • Outbound Calling and Smart Email Directly from Tonka One
  • Automated Data Matching to Pull Photo and Social Channels

Real-time reporting

Get up the minute on-demand reporting with the data that matters most to you and your team. Discover what campaigns are impacting traffic, leads, and sales.

  • Campaign Analytics with End-to-End ROI
  • Email and Google Ads Analytics Reporting
  • Daily Email Reports
  • Website Analytics

Call Tracking and Recording

Get clear visibility into your phone calls by knowing what campaign they came from, where they’re calling from, and even highlight what keywords they are saying through conversation intelligence.

  • Detailed Call and Lead Information
  • Intelligent Keyword Listener
  • Call Recording
  • Insightful Reporting

Automated Web Chat

Have personalized and automated online chat right on your website that guides the user to the right solution and connects with your live team at the right time.

  • Customizable and Personalized
  • Create Unique Conversations per Page
  • Intelligent Recall for Return Visitors
  • Detailed Analytics


Intelligently track visitors after they visit your website or landing page with high converting ads across social media platforms and websites.

  • Conversion and Revenue Tracking
  • Returned Visitors Bring More sale
  • Powerful Targeting
  • Cross-Device Targeting


Powerful and easy automated SMS communication to communicate with your past customers and future prospects on the platform they are most used to.

  • Automated messages based on User Journey
  • Powerful analytic data
  • Intelligent Recall for Return Visitors
  • Segmentation of audience for customized messaging


What we'll cover on the discovery call

  1. Understand Your Pain Points
  2. Discuss Your Competitors
  3. Reveal Biggest Opportunities