Digital Marketing Campaigns

Right Time.
Right Place.
Right Message.

Technology and digital marketing strategies are constantly changing. RP-1 has senior-level experience and a winning track record to prove it. We understand consumer intent, technology, audience targeting, digital media, testing and analytics, which are all required to work in harmony to get optimal results.

Your Digital Revenue
Opportunity is Enormous

You Tube

How much traffic do you get to your website?
Here are some global stats and a clear opportunities.

Daily Google Searches
Video Views Per Second on YouTube
Feet Scrolled Daily on Mobile per Person

How We're Different

We run our company like a successful hedge fund that just happens to be very talented in digital marketing. Every account is assigned to a seasoned portfolio manager who understands both “Business” and “Digital”. Our portfolio managers have dedicated teams of analysts, creatives and digital media team members. Our results-driven structure allows us to test, measure, and optimize everything daily to ensure that our clients WIN.

Digital Interactive Management

Portfolio Manager

Your main point of contact has a deep understanding of your business and goals. They ensure daily that you have the appropriate team that you get results. Our portfolio managers on average have 15+ years of experience.


Ongoing research and analysis of competitors, market trends and opportunities. They build out testing plans to optimize, audiences, media and content.


Best of class creatives that are not interested in winning creative trophies, but that use data to inform what they create. We take subjectivity out of creative and let the data drive the creative.

Digital Media

Certified and trained in all the latest and greatest digital media platforms. They plan and buy media like stock day traders. All media is fluid and they are agnostic to the channel, they just buy based on results.


Average increase in conversions for our clients.
(leads and online sales)

Multi-Channel Experts

We recommend the right channels for your growth
and manage them all for a simple and transparent fee.

RP-1 has consistently generated a HUGE flow of leads into my business, so much so that I had to hire someone to help respond to all the requests. I've been able to nearly double my business with their processes.

Glenn LundyCEO, Glenn Lundy Enterprises

Our Approach to Digital Marketing

We have a unique and intellgient ecosystem that drvives predictable traffic and conversions. After we start running campaigns our portfolio managers and interactive analysts only make data-driven decisions that drives results.


We activate and target the right online channels to provide a stream of potential customers to your revenue-generating website

Prospect Magnet Offer & Experience

You get a focused landing page for your online traffic, that follows our results formula. Then we help you come up with an offer to convert a browser into a lead or buyer.

Remarketing Campaigns

We deliver smart follow-up ads served to site visitors on multiple websites and channels just from visiting your revenue-generating website or landing page. 

Email Marketing

Add insights and value to your new prospects with high value nurturing and sales automated, but personalized emails.

Testing, Analytics and Optimization

Our team constantly tests campaign copy, headlines, offers, and tactics to ensure you’re getting leads or direct online sales. We discuss, adjust, and measure daily. 

My roofing company relies on new business and leads and with RP-1, they've been able to keep my pipeline full and have made a huge impact to my bottom line.

Tyler MeltonCEO, Proclaim Roofing

Our Marketing Technology Stack

Send automated emails, track leads, and measure ROI real-time with our included full marketing automation system. As an RP-1 client, you also get access to a 24/7 call dashboard so you don't miss any sales calls and our team can track which campaign they are coming from.

Listed below are the key features that come with our technology stack.

Email Marketing





Daily Email
Lead Reports

Call Tracking
& Recording

Web Chat

What You Get

Results Plan

After reviewing your competitors and goals, we do research and put together a growth blueprint made by our team exclusively for you. Get your free blueprint by contacting us here.

Converting Ads & Landing Pages

Our team of direct digital marketing experts know how to convert prospects into customers with the art and science of targeting, messaging and design.

Online Form & Call Tracking

We track everything. Contact forms and phone calls are the most common lead conversions we produce for our clients, and we have detailed tracking for every call and form fill that happens from our campaigns.

Dedicated Portfolio Manager

We align you with a dedicated portfolio manager on our team that works directly with you and with the rest of our team to get you the best results.

Marketing Technology Stack

Get 24/7 access to an incredible technology stack that gives you real-time analytics and automate responses to prospects to nurture and convert them to customers.

On-going Testing & Optimization

After your campaign is launched, we make changes every 2 weeks to increase performance and results.

We have a very specific type of lead and RP-1 was able to really target our right prospects in the right location and get us the results we were hoping to get.

Josh SuttonCEO, Elite Roofing


What You'll Walk Away With


- Find out where your competitors are advertising
- See how much they’re spending online
- View opportunities for gaining new customers

Digital Marketing Strategy

- Get customized recommendations for your business
- See how the process works from start to finish
- Discover how much traffic and leads to expect monthly

ROI Model

- See how much online targeted traffic costs for your keywords
- View industry validated conversion rates (traffic to customers)
- Review potential revenue to be made monthly