What We Do

Digital Transformation

In 48 hours we clarify your message, turn your website into a high-performing sales funnel, and activate digital marketing that converts prospects into customers.

Digital Niche

67% of prospective customers view your website before deciding to do business with you.

What are you telling your prospects and customers? Have you provided them all they need in order to build trust and credibility?  Do they have all they need in order to take action?  (Contact or buy)

Without a niche-focused message and position in the market-place, you become a diluted, tired, and eventually overlooked business.

Our digital positioning process looks at your competitors, value proposition, target personas, and credibility assets to help you dominate your competition and find the right audience that gives the most value and delivers you the most profit.

This 1-day experience with our team of marketing experts is an intense, focused session that brings clarity and results to your business and helps prepare for a website and marketing transformation.

Digital Sales

We help businesses transform their website from a static brochure to a dynamic lead generation machine in 48 hours.

The first step we do is to refine your messaging and offering to position your company as the market leader in your space.

Second, we create all the copy, and visuals to make products or services desirable to your prospect.

Next, we then highlight your credibility assets, such as testimonials, white papers, videos, awards, and case studies to tell a compelling story to your prospect on why you are the best choice.

Lastly, we take the pain out of the long, expensive, tedious process of building a website.

You’ll get a website that launches fast and converts browsers into buyers.

Digital Marketing

We first start with learning about your business goals and ideal customers. We then build a plan that is based on real numbers (i.e. search volume, targeted reach, estimated views, clicks, and conversions).

Once we are aligned with the plan and numbers we then create digital ads using attention getting copy and creative content in video, images, or both that highlights the problem you are solving, the opportunity you are creating, and why your prospects would be crazy not to buy your product or service.

We then activate targeted digital media (i.e. right time, place, and person) to send a steady flow of highly qualified prospects to your conversion website.

Once the campaign is live, we track, measure, and optimize the copy, content, media, and website to ensure we have the best opportunity to convert your prospects into leads.

Meet RP-1

We deliver

digital results

RP-1 is the most powerful Rocket Propellent on the planet.

RP-1 does for space rockets what we do for your business. We propel your business into the stratosphere. It was the perfect name for our company.

We have over 25 years of results in building nine-figure companies under our belts. We were able to identify a recurring problem, everyone else is simply selling websites and marketing. We are delivering a total digital transformation in 48 hours and digital lead generation.

The results you will have from our 48-hour digital transformation and digital lead generation is a new conversion-focused website that will position your company as the market leader within your industry.  We then activate online traffic that turns into leads that turn into revenue. 

Brad Parnell + Tim HIssam
RP-1 In The News

RP-1 is shaking up the industry

“RP-1 fuels small and midsize businesses to dominate their niche online by implementing digital transformation along with digital direct response marketing, seeing through the cracks of the broken “agency model” they have positioned themselves as The Digital Transformation Company™, not an agency. Unlike most agencies, RP-1 has not forgotten about what truly matters in the world, which is getting results.”

Our Leadership Team

We’re a team of industry professionals that hail from the sales, marketing, and technology worlds. We combine our experience and expertise to create a one of a kind results-driven company that transforms your business digitally in 48 hours.

Tim Hissam - CEO

Tim Hissam

Chief Executive Officer

Brad Parnell - Chief Strategy Officer

Brad Parnell

Digital Transformation Officer

Matt Manero - CRO

Matt Manero

Chief Revenue Officer


Pete Henrikson

Chief Financial Officer

Our Culture

RP-1 is built on a core beliefs system and habits that are lived through our core values. We only work with people that have the same set of values. We have created a culture where we can aquire and retain the best talent in the industry.

Core Values


We Compress Time


We Deliver


We Make The Complex Simple


We Are Not Afraid

Benefits & Perks

Health, Dental
and Vision

Monthly Catered Lunches


Competitive Salary

Learning and Development

Community Involvement

Our Technology Partners

Our approach is focused on the development of deep collaborative relationships with our partners and vendors. From our advanced access to new capabilities, to a deeper understanding of the many  platforms, we work hand-in-hand to maximize the potential of each of our partnerships.

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